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The Old Adage of Happiness

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It must be found within. Very few need to, so the majority do not. If happiness is reliant on something that can be taken away, it is fleeting. Men who live only for a private project may work much harder and better to complete it, but when it is accomplished, if there was never a greater purpose or second project, ennui strikes. Many successful men have discovered abundances of energy to expend in embarrassing fashions.

Do you know the meaning of joy? If you can count on one hand the number of times you felt so happy you were joyful, you are probably neither a parent nor very good with relationships. It does not need to be said that finding happiness inside does not mean disallowing others to make you happy. It does bear repetition that if you are not happy when you are alone, what happiness you would find is ephemeral if someone else becomes the main source of it.

Most of us are “happy” because we have enough material wealth to distract us, or continual progress and satisfaction, or good relationships that keep us going. A better word to describe this is complacent. Instead of really challenging our beliefs, we look forward to what our friends have to say about their lives, and hope we have something which they want to hear more. Self-inspection is painful, unbearably so. Humans are critical by nature, and when we turn that lens on ourselves it can become a self-destructive obsession. Most of that pain is unnecessary and created right then. If we are humble and recognize that we are human, reality is much easier to swallow. It could be that satisfaction is deeper, too. Knowing this, can you be wholly complete attaining your happiness in random, elusive bursts?


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March 5, 2013 at 3:22 am

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